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PRISMAAT has an experienced multidisciplinary team capable of handling your entire relocation process in Portugal. Operating, from its headquarters in Braga, throughout the country since 2018, it already has more than 200 satisfied clients, from all continents and in different mobility formats.

Investment Mobility

For investors looking to  broaden their income and portfolio in the European Union trading area.

Entrepreneurship Mobility

For entrepreneurs and digital nomads who want to establish/develop their business in the European Union through Portugal.

Individual Mobility

For individuals and families who wish to settle in Portugal to enjoy their retirement, study or work.

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  • Já moramos em alguns países e também mudamos de casa algumas vezes. Portanto, sabemos que é essencial ter ajuda.  A Prismaat (Nuno) foi uma escolha óbvia, já que estávamos a procurar mudar da nossa casa na Tasmânia para um estilo de vida europeu no norte de Portugal. Desde a primeira conversa com o Nuno até à mudança para a nossa nova casa, temos sido apoiados em todas as fases do processo oficial e muito mais… desde o melhor local para o Pastel de Nata à compra de um carro e de uma casa. Não tivemos problemas com o Consulado em Sydney, principalmente porque obtivemos ajuda da Prismaat em todas as partes complicadas de se candidatar a um visto D7. Depois que pousamos, no meio da pandemia, conseguimos resolver rapidamente nossa residência, finanças, saúde, carteira de habilitação e serviços bancários devido ao apoio contínuo. Sozinhos nunca poderíamos ter alcançado tanto em tão pouco tempo e temos os nossos primeiros amigos portugueses como bónus.

    Jenny and Richard Langford

    D7 Visa (Australia)
  • I am so glad that I trusted Mr.Nuno and the rest of the team to guide me and take care of my process in portugal to start a business that will lead me to gain a portugese residency by investment.
    I was lucky to start my journey in good hands. Zero mistake during my process which was the cause of getting my residency this week.
    Thank you dear all for your hard work, keep it up.

    Emma Chouhmate

    CEO, Care Senses (Morocco)
  • I found ‘Prismaat Business Group’ to help with my D7 visa by accident and was satisfied with their services along the way. I praise them for their professional advice, good communication, sincere assistance and fair service charges. They showed their care during the process and impressed me how meticulous they were in preparing all sorts of documents that were required. I was also amazed by the Consultant’s capability to build good rapports with officials working in NIF, Bank, Parish and SEF. Last of all I want to share with you how efficient they were to arrange my SEF appointment. I arrived Portugal with D7 visa on 9 September, they were able to arrange an appointment in Porto SEF on 24 September two days after my arrival. I was accompanied to the SEF appointment by an experienced lawyer and everything went smoothly. I highly recommend their service to those who need consultation in visas and residence permit.

    Reginia Chan

    D7 Visa (Hong Kong)
  • I found our immigration consultant, PRISMAAT to be extremely qualified in carrying out their duties and responsibilities in a diligent manner. This is the firm with high integrity, and strong traditional values, focusing on providing of utmost levels of customer satisfaction. I would like to commend, that the vision of PRISMAAT is to establish long term customer-focused relationships where honesty, enthusiasm, and integrity are paramount. Their experience and understanding of the current scenario help them exceed their customers expectations.


    Murali Madhavan

    CEO, Chlorophyll Glory (India)
  • I met PRISMAAT in early 2019. I contacted via whatsapp and the service was excellent.
    I moved to Portugal with my children in August/2019 and we are doing the whole process of legalization as an entrepreneur with Prisco.
    We have to thank all the team that has been assisting us, Dr. João, Dr. Juliana, Bruno and Carol, for the helpfulness, excellence in service, cordiality and efficiency.
    In 1 month our company is already open and the Letter Of Intent for residence is in process.
    I highly recommend PRISMAAT to those who like me have the dream of changing country and living in Portugal.
    Our gratitude and a big hug to the whole team.

    Ana Paula Book

    CEO, BCK Marketing Digital (Brazil)
  • When I decided to immigrate to Portugal, I came across a complex and bureaucratic process in several stages in Brazil and Portugal, whose procedures comply with a set of criteria that are very precise and not always so clear.
    PRISMAAT has being fundamental, helping me a lot to realize this dream.
    The competence, attention, warmth and generosity of the whole team impressed me a lot.
    I have every confidence that I made the right decision to be with them.
    Thank you PRISMAAT!

    Cláudio Leal

    D7 Visa (Brazil)
  • Great work partners…
    Best hospitality…

    Bruno Fernandes

    CEO, Emerald Cardinal (Brazil)
  • Special thanks to all PRISMAAT team for all their generous welcoming and great efforts in making this business trip easy and fun, it was our pleasure meeting your again in Braga and looking forward to see you again soon.
    Best regards for all Prismaat team.

    Feras Kayali



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