10 Reasons to Live, Invest and do Business in Portugal

The ideal country for those looking to live, invest and work is Portugal! Read below 10 reasons why you should choose this country full of history and stories to tell, full of friendly people and a pleasant climate.

1 – Tranquility

Portugal is a country that seeks tranquility. Exception made to the two largest cities where traffic can be problematic, the quality of life in the country is high, having good structures to enjoy your free time: parks and gardens in the cities, playgrounds, bike paths, walking places, etc.

2 – Security

Security in Portugal is quite high compared to other European Union countries. Crime in Portugal is inferior to countries like Spain or Germany, being extremely inferior to countries like Brazil and the United States.1

3 – Low Cost

Being part of the European Union and the Eurozone, Portugal enjoys the security of having a stable and secure currency. The cost of living in comparison with countries in crisis or other more developed countries is low, falling below countries like USA, UK, Holland, Spain and even to Lebanon and Puerto Rico.2

4 – Stunning Landscapes

Despite being a relatively small country (both in terms of size and population, Portugal is a country that stands roughly in the middle of the list of nations) is a country rich in natural beauty, from beautiful beaches, mountains, ski resorts, historical monuments (castles, forts, cities with more than two thousand years) and islands.

5 – Gastronomy

The Portuguese gastronomy is quite diverse. Having as a base the traditional Mediterranean cuisine with olive oil, onion and garlic and tomato, also presents typical dishes more complex depending on the zone of the country. Fresh fish and seafood can be found on the coast and the meat dishes in the interior region. Cod is the national ex libris and there are over a thousand recipes for this in Portugal.

6 – Education

Compulsory education in Portugal is free and one of the best in Europe. With regard to university education, Portugal presents 6 universities in the top 500 universities worldwide.3

7 – Access to the Schengen area

Enjoy your holidays or small holidays in European countries. By having a residence or citizenship in Portugal you can move freely through all the countries of the Schengen space either for leisure or to do business with the entire market of 500 million people in Europe.

8 – Health

The health system in Portugal is also one of the best in the world, reaching 32st place 4. In addition to the free public system there are still many hospitals and private clinics with agreements with personal health insurance.

9 – Residency and Citizenship

We can get your residence certificate in three months. After 6 years become a citizen and get your Portuguese passport having access to all the assets of the country and the whole European Union. Talk to us here.

10 – Top

Taking into account all these issues and many others Portugal is placed in a very high place in the list of best countries to live!

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i am so interested to D7 visa.

i own real estates in my home country and i have an apartment in Georgia (tibilisi)as well. in addition to that i have reasonable amount of liquid money deposited in a national bank of my home country .i need your assistance to start.

Nationality: Egyptian
Age: 37
Profession: pharmacist.
Country of residence: Qatar

I would like to spend the winter in Portugal. I am a EU citizen and US citizen. My children and grandchildren are also EU citizens. I loved la coruña when visiting in Portugal a couple of years ago. Is this a good place to live?

Hello dear Mary Lyons.
Are you interested in renting a property or buying a winter house? Our account manager will reach you soon and talk with you.
Best regards

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