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Setting up a business in Europe can be complex. It requires knowledge of local (tax) legislation and regulations, culture, language, customs and habits. But also knowledge of factors like infrastructure, geography, politics and competitors. Knowledge that you need in order to play the game of business fairly and successfully and create a sound foundation for growth.

We have that knowlegde at PRISMAAT and we want to share it with you!
A Sound Foundation

A sound foundation

Local knowledge is extremely valuable for anyone wanting to set up a business abroad. It starts with the most basic matters: a VAT number, bank account, permits/licences and immigration. In order to take care of your affairs properly, on time and at acceptable costs, you do not need someone who can translate your words. What you need is someone who speaks your language, understands you, knows what you require and is familiar with the local customs.

Solid Business

Solid business partner

A liaison with a solid business partner is the start for a successful undertaking abroad. PRISMAAT understands that and has the knowledge, resources and contacts to take care of legal, financial and cultural matters. We set up businesses in virtually all of the world’s financial centres for entrepreneurs who have international ambitions and are looking for optimal tax conditions. Book your free first appointment with us and lets start doing business!

Company Set up

Company registration and VAT registration
Fiscal Advice
Secretary Services and Local Representative
Corporate bank account
Physical or virtual office
Strategic Marketing
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