Subordinate Worker / D1 Visa

What is it

The residence permit for subordinate workers is the modality for citizens who have a work contract in Portugal, with enough income to support themselves during their stay (14 times the minimum wage) and comply with the other requirements defined in articles 59 or 88 of Law 23/2007.

Who can apply

Non-EU citizens who have established a work contract (or promise of work contract) with a Portuguese company.

Article 59 (D1 Visa) defines a similar process as the D2 visa for entrepreneurs. That is, the citizen will submit the visa application at the embassy of his/her area of residence. This way he will also have to fill a specific vacancy approved by the IEFP (Institute for Employment and Vocational Training) in Portugal and comply with what is defined in no. 1 of the same article: “The concession of a visa for obtaining a residence permit for the exercise of a subordinate professional activity depends on the existence of employment opportunities, not filled by Portuguese nationals, workers who are nationals of Member States of the European Union, of the European Economic Area, of third countries with which the European Community has signed an agreement for the free movement of persons, as well as workers who are nationals of third countries with legal residence in Portugal”. This means that the vacancy to be filled must be specific to the candidate’s profile.

With regard to article 88, the citizen may submit an Expression of Interest, while already in Portugal with the referred work contract. This way he must be exempt from visa requirements to enter the country or have entered legally with another form of visa (for example the most common with a student visa).

What's the process

Subordinated workers may choose one of two ways, as mentioned, to access the residence permit. Either through a D1 Visa submitted at the Embassy of the country of origin, or, being able to enter the Schengen area without needing a special visa, by submitting an Expression of Interest in Portugal.

Expression of interest

Once your temporary residence permit has been issued (for 2 years and renewable for 3 more years), you can apply for family reunification. Finally, after 5 years, you may request a permanent residence permit or even apply for nationality. To keep these residence permits you must stay in Portuguese territory at least 185 days per year.

Family Reunification

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