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D2 Visa for Portugal: Residence Visa for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

The D2 visa also called the Visa for Immigrant Entrepreneurs, gives resident status to immigrants who plan to involve themselves investment activities in Portugal. The legal basis for this type of visa can be found in article 60(2) of Law No. 23/2007 from July 4, and regulated by article 31(2)(3) of Regulation Decree No. 84/2007 from November 5. and Paragraph 2 of this article 89 was amended by Law no. 59/2017, pf07/21 and fourth amendment to the Aliens Act in force since 1st August’ 2917.

In basic terms, the investment must be made by way of a company that one wishes to establish in Portugal, in the scope of a well-defined business plan, which will be judged above all, on an investment level, for it’s prospective economic, social, scientific, technological, or cultural relevancy.

Why is Portugal for you?

Gateway to Europe

Working in Portugal gives you access to the worlds’ highest disposable income consumers. You can trade and work freely with other 27 European Union countries without any borders or restrictions. Portugal truly is a ‘Gateway to Europe’.

Low Cost of Labor

Although being an EU country, in Portugal you can get access to the cheap and skilled labor market. The minimum salary is 560 euros*. This is a reflection of the low cost of living in Portugal.

Low Corporate Tax

Income derived from real estate is subject to a tax rate of 10 percent. Some types of capital gains, such as those derived
from the transfer of shares, are, in some cases, tax exempt. The corporate tax rate in Portugal is 21%, It was lowered by 2% from 23% in 2015 as a part of tax reforms.


Portugal has a thriving economy with many great opportunities. The sectors that have picked up in last decade are food, hospitality, automotive, IT, chemical real estate and allied services, manufacturing and trading. Portuguese government offers incentives to start-ups and have laid down many business-friendly policies.

World-Class Infrastructure

Portugal has completed 100% of its TEN-T Core Road Network. And the quality of the Portuguese road infrastructure is rated among the best in the European Union. Ratings are also positive as regards the quality of Portugal’sairport, port and railway infrastructure.

Safe & Secure

Compared to other EU countries, Portugal is relatively very safe. Portugal offers a safe conducive environment for expats to live and prosper. There is a very low crime rate and is rated very highly in terms of women and child safety.

Steps to Obtain Residency in Portugal

PRISMAAT makes it very simple for you and your family to obtain European Residency in 180 days or less

Securing NIF or Social Security Number

Documents required are an Application form; Copy of Representative’s Identification Document; Copy of interest party’s passport, authenticated by an official Portuguese consulate official.

Time of Wait: PRISMAAT can help you secure NIF no. in 1-2 working days.

Opening Bank Account & investment

Documents required are NIF (either proof of one or the actual issued document);Passport ; Other documents, to the bank’s discretion.

Time of Wait: With PRISMAAT’s relations with leading banking institutions, we can help you open an account 1-2 working days.

Company Formation in Portugal

Documents required are NIF (either proof of one or the actual issued document);Passport; Power of attorney;

Time of Wait: PRISMAAT’s team can help you form a company with 2 working days including draft resolution and articles.

Dosier Preparation

Once your company is established and bank account is operational, our team of immigration lawyers draft your business and financial planbased on the information you provide about your business.

Time of Wait: This process usually takes 30-45 days from the date of company formation

Appointment at Immigration Office

The completed dossier is carefully prepared and submitted to make an appointment with the immigration authorities.

Time of Wait: This process usually takes 30-45 days from the date of dossier preparation

Representation at Immigration Office

On the date of appointment with immigration office, you have to be present in Portugal. The interview is straight forward and our lawyer will be present in the room.

Time of Wait: 30-45 days from the date of submission of dossier

Issue of Residency Card

Once the decision is made and is positive, you are invited to the immigration office for issuance of a 1 year residency card renewal every 2 years leading to a Portuguese passport in 5 years. Your bi-metrics are done on this day.

Time of Wait: 60-120 days from the date of submission of papers.

Note:This time may vary due to high volume of application in Portugal.

Family Re-Unification

After your Portuguese Residency card is issued, your family (wife or husband and kids) can be re-united within 90 days. ODI can help you make the application and secure residency cards for your family.

Time of Wait: Usually within 10 working days from the date of application


  1. Hi,

    I want to fet residence permit in Portugal through self employed as Rotating equipment consultant.

    Please let me know the process step by step.

    Kind regards

    1. Hello Dear Sofiane

      We’ll be glad to help you.
      Would you please send us more info about your situation (where you are from, if you want to bring family, etc) to our e-mail info@prismaat.com and we’ll schedulle a day to talk to you about the info you need.

      Best regards

      Bruno Viana

  2. I’d love to have a consultation regarding immigration to Portugal

    I’ll describe my background a bit.
    I’m a freelancer, working in IT sphere. Have clients from different places in the world, but noone in Portugal. I’m a non-EU citizen, originally coming from Ukraine. At the moment I temporary (about 2 years now) reside in Poland (which is a EU country) though. It means that, if required, I can freely, without Visa, come to Portugal for up to 90 days in order to solve some questions there.
    I’m married and would love to move to Portugal with my wife.

    I read information about the D2 visa. I am wondering how easy is it to retrieve if done right? How easy is it to renew? I eventually target Permanent Residence permit hence it’s very important for me to be able to renew residence permit without any problems when the time comes.

    Please, do let me know if you’re ready to handle my case.


    1. Hello dear Sergio
      Thank you for your contact and the information.
      We can help you trhough all the process and with your company.
      We’ll contact you soon y e-mail to start exchange phone numbers and start talking.
      Best Regards

    2. Date:20/4/2019

      Hallo sir, Good Morning
      I’m Mr. Bhoj raj kafle I’m currently working as a security guard and I’m looking to poland for a job as a security guard
      I have experience more than 8 years in Gulf country Malaysia, United Arab Emirates.
      Subject: Apply for post of security guard :
      I have requirement qualified and training DPS license, G4s training certificate and education qualification Certificate
      And I have 5.6 years experience in A+ security Company in UAE. And I have attachment my below given name of Document.
      Ready to interview related Document:
      1. Passport copy.
      2. Visa copy.
      3. CV copy.
      4. Emirates ID copy.
      5. D. p. s .copy.
      6. Visa copy.
      7. Picture. passport size, full size.
      8. Cover Letter.
      9. G4S tranning certificate
      10. A+ security Company Noc. Letter.
      I need to apply online company who provide me quickly job offer letter and
      how much for your service charge and visa charge?
      and how long take a time to get the visa and work permit?
      send me details yoyr office location and I accept agrement with genuine visa as soon as possible.
      My contact Number: 0561235178
      Contact Email address: kafle.bhojraj@gmail.com
      My company website: http://www.alsherawi.ae
      My office location Address: Rashal khoor Industrial area 2 street: 8 A
      United Arab Emirates Dubai.
      Company Contact Number: 043337644
      Pobx: 33539 UAE.

      1. Bonjour mr je suis en Côte d’Ivoire et je voudrais comment faire pour pour obtenir un visa touristique pour le pour, donner moi les informations et aider moi à l’obtenir. Merci

  3. Salut.
    J’ai une société au maroc d installation electrique et je souhaiterai ouvrir une société personne phisique au Portugal comment je peux faire avec capital de 4000€.

  4. I am invited by the Pollution Control Conference Committee, 6th Global Summit and Expo on Pollution Control 2019, as a Speaker, to present a research work. The conference will hold on May 6 – 7, 2019 at the Netherlands. I am being sponsored by the conference. What is the fastest means to get my visa, bearing in mind the short time available to me. I just got my approval letter only yesterday. What are the visa requirements ?

  5. I am a businessman in pakistan i am intresyed do a bussines and to get first work perk permet and get a big opportunity in portagal thanks.
    Best regards
    Hashmat ullah

  6. Hi
    am David by name, am citizen of Nigeria.i want a working and resident permits,i have seven(7) years experience in driving and security in oluchin farm investment company,am also self employed in aluminum windows and doors. Am looking forward to come and establish in Portugal.i already have my passport,what is holding me is your reply to my request.
    Best regards.

  7. Hi how are you ?
    My Name Is Moussa i’ am froume Algeria I need seriously Your job because i’am married and i have two baby pleas hellp me tais is my phone number +213782376351 Or tel me the processus 😉

  8. hi response sir,i am resham from Nepal. I wanna go your country and I through work then earn money.what I do coming time for get visa. I waiting for your response.

  9. Hi Sir,
    I am from India but living in UAE now working as a Data Operations Department one manufacturing company.

    I need job can you help me and provide the work permit.

    Contact number.

  10. Hi sir
    I am from pakistani living in uae
    I need good job i have 2 baby i want eran good money for my fimly
    I have exp mor then 7 years for working
    Befor i working in malayisa around 6 years
    Now im in working uae as sales man

  11. I am working in Kuwait in petroleum industry, my earnings is about 9000 $ per month. And I may get about 300000/$ benefits and funds, after my retirement I want to migrate to Europe. Please guide me.
    Jahangir khan.

  12. Hi. I own 4 properties in Croatia and 2 in Bulgaria. I wish to buy 2 in Portugal and rent them all out on AirBnB. If i register a company in Portugal and transfer ownership of all the properties to the Portuguese company will I qualify for D2 visa ?
    Muito obrigado.

    1. Hello Mr van der Spuy
      With this information we would say that you would qualify. But our account manager will reach you soon to look further into more details to see which is the best option for you.

  13. Hi,
    i am chef in Dubai.
    if i want start business there so how much money i need to spend. ?
    and can i apply work visa first…. because i need to spend time there after i can open my Restaurant…

  14. Good afternoon,

    I’m Algerian living in qatar since 6 years, I heard about the D2 visa to portugal.

    Would you like to get in touch to discuss if you can handle my case?

    Best regards,

    1. Hello, dear Kamal.
      We don’t work in Lithuania, but we may talk to you about Portugal. Also, we have partners that may help you get into Lithuania.
      Our account manager will reach you soon.
      Best Regards

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