Golden Investors

Golden Visa – Investment Gateway to Europe

Have total control over your investment in Portugal. Enter the market of 500 million people in the European Union with low risk investment in real estate or company development.

Golden Investment

Through the fulfillment of the legal requirements (deadlines and minimum values) of an investment carried out personally or in society you can have access to the Golden Visa in Portugal – the residence permit for investment activity.
PRISMAAT has a group of partners with secure investments in Portugal that allows you to access the Golden Visa and open you the door to the entire European market.

Companies Capitalization

To meet the entry requirements through company capitalization you need to:

  • transfer the minimum capital of € 350 000 for the acquisition of units of investment funds dedicated to the capitalization of companies that are incorporated under Portuguese law;
  • the maturity of the investment must be at least five years;
  • at least 60% of the value of the investments must be made in commercial companies based in Portugal.

Real Estate

Consult us to know more about our Real Estate portfolio. In Prismaat we have a real estate portfolio that can fit your Golden Visa requirments, allways aiming a return on investment with rental and possible re-sell in the end of the five years process. You may choose from the 500K€ investment in new urban properties, to the 350K€ for refurbishment and 280K for refurbishment in rural areas. Apartments, old mansions, farms, palaces, for housing and hotels in all Portugal.

Full Control

You will not be looking for information about how your process is going. PRISMAAT provides you with all the information about the structure of the investment and how it generates revenue through proven accounting documents. Throughout the process you will have full control over the amount invested and its profitability, always receiving timely and adequate feedback.
As we also take care of your Golden Visa in the beginning you will immediately be able to visit us at any time in our facilities in Braga.

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