There are two types of ARI/Golden Visa for entrepreneurs who want to develop their business in Portugal.

In addition to having access to the entire European Union market to develop your business, Portugal is a country where setting up a company is simple and (practically) immediate and where you will find all levels of human resources. Labour in Portugal, besides being cheaper than in the rest of Europe, is highly qualified and allows the creation of profitable and sustainable businesses.

Thus the two modalities ARI/Golden Visa are:

A – The creation of at least 10 jobs (and maintenance of the same for 5 years) in a new or existing company;

B – Capital transfers in an amount equal to or higher than 350,000 euros, aimed at the incorporation of a commercial company with registered office in the national territory, combined with the creation of five permanent jobs, or to increase the share capital of a commercial company with registered office in the national territory, already existing, with the creation or maintenance of jobs, with a minimum of five permanent jobs, and for a minimum period of three years.

If you have not yet developed your business idea, or you wish to enter the European market through a company with human resources and client portfolio, contact us to know the opportunities we have in our portfolio.

In January 2022, the investment in Mode B will increase from €350,000 to €500,000.

Check the highlights of our portfolio until the end of the year:

Advertising production company (from graphic design, locksmithing and electification, to on-site implementation)

7 years in the market

Well-developed client portfolio (like Braga City Council)

Team of 6 experienced and qualified people

Investment of €350,000 to purchase machinery and improve space in order to improve production processes

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