Expat services

Moving to a new country can be overwhelming not only in a bureaucratic point of view. That’s why we go further and offer the best Expat Services. We’ll help you through your first steps in this new country.


The first impression is always important. We’ll help you getting safe and sound to Portugal.

Airport Pick Up

We have a service that includes picking you and your family in the airport and taking you to your hotel or to your new home.


We may schedule the hotel that best fits your need in the city you choose to live.


You may schedule your travel to Portugal yourself or hire our specialists. If you wish to do some tourism in Europe we’ll help you out too.

Pets Relocation

Your pets are part of your family, so we’ll take care of them and all the necessary licensing to bring them to.

Getting Home

You’re moving to a new country and building a new home in a new place. PRISMAAT will help you feel comfortable and cozy.

Home Search

We have real estate options for rent or to buy in stock, but we also have a real estate agent that will get the home you and your family need.

Moving Services

We’ll pick your belongings from the airport or port and bring them to your new home. We can arrange the best moving services. If you live elsewhere in Europe we may arrange to pick your things in your previous house.

Home Decor

New home, new life, new decorations. We have the experts that’ll help find the details to decorate your new home.


There’s some bureaucracy to get an electric bill. PRISMAAT has a host that’ll help you with it or just do it for you.


In Portugal gas is the main energy source used to heat up the houses. We’ll get the best option and help you with the billing contract.


For communications in Portugal you have four options. All these include phone land line, internet and television.


The water supply in Portugal is responsibility of each city. So the necessary documents to make a contract may vary a little bit. We’ll help you with this bureaucracy.

Safety Values and Mobility

PRISMAAT will connect you with the best partners for insurance or car dealing. We will help you to keep safe and to move around your new country.

Bank Account

A local bank account is a must for any local transaction. Our trusted bank partners goes further from that and will help you with transactions from your origin country and company movements


If you have a company your are going to need work insurance; if you buy a car an insurance is also involved; the same if you buy a house. We have the best partner to get you an insurance.


Although the Portuguese health system is free and very complete, you may choose to have a health insurance for about 80€/month just to get a quick access.


We may present you to our car dealer partners to get the best mobility option for you: new or used. And as mentioned we’ll search the best option for the car insurance.


 Portugal has a very good public education system, but also private schools that teach in English, German or French. The universities are also quite well ranked worldwide

School and University

We’ll help getting your children in school or university. The process demands some documentation that might not come as easy as expected. We’ll also help if it is you that needs to study.

Portuguese Language

If you want to apply for nationality, Portuguese language is mandatory. But even if you are planning just residency learning the local language could be quite useful, although many Portuguese speak English.

Lifestyle Management

We have the best specialists to help you overcome the first moments of change without even noticing We’ll take care of the small details and ease up the process.


You need advice and help to shop. PRISMAAT will help choose the best spots for any kind of goods you need and help out with the language barrier.


You’ll be busy with setting up your company and will need someone to have your home tidy. We have specialists that can help you with that.


Whenever necessary, we may arrange a laundry service for you. On a weekly basis or just occasionally we’ll help you look sharp for business.


You need to have do a business trip, or just need a date night off, we’ll get you secure and recommended babysitters to take care of your children.