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Life Insurance

Secure the future of your loved ones with comprehensive life insurance plans, brought to you by  Famasegur in partnership with Prismaat.

Mortgage life insurance ensures your family’s future, offering peace of mind in securing tomorrow. With this solution, unforeseen events are eliminated, and the quality of life of your loved ones is safeguarded through a range of basic and additional options that guarantee the payment of capital and additional protection.

Life insurance allows for the automatic revaluation of the insured capital year by year and guarantees the delivery of the defined capital to your family in the event of death or absolute and permanent disability.


  • Delivery of the capital defined by you to your family, in case of death or absolute disability.
  • Complementary coverage options that include:
    • Capital for disability;
    • Access to a network of doctors and clinics for the diagnosis of serious illnesses;
    • Income for professional incapacity;
    • Orphan’s pension;
    • Spouse’s death;
    • Life insurance payment, in case of professional incapacity up to 65 years of age.

Health Insurance

Embrace a healthier tomorrow with extensive health coverage for you and your family, tailored by the collaborative expertise of Prismaat and Famasegur.

Exclusive to Famasegur, the health protocol provides access to higher quality, accessibility, and comfort in healthcare services. Famasegur Health Insurance enhances well-being, offering access to a vast network of doctors, hospitals, clinics, and complementary diagnostic centers, both in Portugal and abroad.


  • Co-payment for medical services when using the network of associated clinical service providers.
  • Access to the largest network of doctors, clinics, and complementary diagnostic centers in Portugal and abroad.
  • Possibility of access to a second medical opinion and Best Doctors serious disease network.
  • Comprehensive offers, according to needs.
  • Differentiated premiums by risk typology.
  • Hospitalization with variable maximum capitals, according to the defined plan.
  • Co-payment for childbirth (pregnancy and cesarean section), in case of subscription to associated plans;
  • Outpatient assistance;
  • Possibility of co-payment for medicines and dentistry, up to the maximum coverages of €200 and €300 respectively;

Auto Insurance

Drive with confidence with our custom auto insurance policies, ensuring you’re covered at every turn.

Because your safety and that of those you transport are your greatest treasures, choosing an auto insurance policy cannot be left to chance. Auto insurance is a flexible solution that adapts to your needs and allows you to protect the ones you love. Adjusting the premium to the driver’s profile, so as not to penalize younger drivers, along with a wide range of coverages, allows for the construction of solutions tailored to each specific need.


  • Bonus according to the number of years without claims;
  • Mandatory civil liability coverage;
  • Legal protection and travel assistance, including a replacement vehicle in case of breakdown;
  • Protection for the driver and all occupants, according to the chosen option;
  • Reimbursement of the deductible from the automobile guarantee fund;
  • Possibility of including optional coverages that complement the auto protection, namely:
    • Collision, overturning;
    • Fire, lightning, explosion, and other natural phenomena;
    • Malicious acts and theft;
    • Windscreen breakage;
    • Luggage protection;
    • Replacement vehicle in case of a claim.

Home Insurance

Protect your sanctuary with robust home insurance options, covering a wide array of aspects.

The Home Multi-Risk insurance policy is designed to adapt to your home and family, ensuring worry-free protection with a competitive cost/benefit ratio. The multi-risk option allows you to choose the coverages that best fit your reality.


  • Personal accident insurance for the policyholder and spouse;
  • Home assistance in case of illness or accident occurring at the home;
  • Protection against theft committed against the insured person outside the home;
  • Family civil liability;
  • Equipment insurance;
  • Protection in case of fire, lightning, explosion, storms, land subsidence, and water damage;
  • Various additional options for extending capitals in the guarantees;

Travel Insurance

Traveling is one of the favorite activities of all human beings, but safety should be a priority. With comfort and the guarantee that everything will go as planned in mind, travel insurance allows you a peaceful journey without any unforeseen events. The coverages of this solution are flexible and can include everything from accidents to illness assistance.


  • Payment of treatment expenses abroad and their continuation in Portugal;
  • Transportation of injured and sick as well as their accompaniment;
  • Round trip ticket for a family member and their stay;
  • Possibility of early return;
  • Loss, theft, misplacement, or damage of luggage;
  • Advance of funds;
  • Capital for delay in receiving luggage;
  • Capital for loss of flight connections and flight delays;
  • Legal defense and claims abroad;

Note that if you are applying for a Portuguese visa you, unfortunately can’t get a travel insurance in Portugal because it is the one country you need to ne insured and the one country not covered when you do an insurance here.

Business Insurance

Fortify your business with our bespoke insurance services, designed to safeguard your hard work and dedication.

Business Insurance

Protecting the economic stability of your business is paramount for the company’s sustained growth. The Commercial Multi-Risk solution combines business protection with work accidents for flexible solutions that fit SMEs, responding to each particular context. The flexibility and adaptation to each business context are the characteristics of the Business Multi-Risk, safeguarding the risks that can affect your company. With this insurance option, you will be protecting the premises, as well as its contents, employees, and customers from the various unforeseen events that can happen daily.

Work Accidents

In professional activity, caution is the order of the day. For employees and freelance professionals alike, work accident protection ensures an effective response in treatment expenses and income losses in case of incapacity for work. With the Manager Personal Accidents insurance, designed with company executives in mind, protection is guaranteed in any situation. Manager Personal Accidents includes travel assistance in Portugal or abroad with baggage coverage, as well as doubling the guarantees for death or permanent disability in case of an accident during the stay.

For Top Careers

Thinking of top careers, the D&O Liability Insurance for Administrators, Directors, and Supervisors provides adequate protection in cases of lawsuits brought by third parties. This guarantee covers expenses related to the fees of external lawyers for the defense of the administrator or director, as well as any possible damages or settlements. The D&O insurance encompasses direct personal liability and liability for the acts of others, as well as for improper employment practices.

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