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There has been three years we got together as a team in PRISMAAT. Since then, many things have happened, not only the common things that happen in three years of a company life, but also the worldwide well know events that influenced immensely the international mobility.

On one hand the pandemic closed the borders for a while and many embassies still have suspended the issuing of visas up until now. On the other hand, it brought a growth of home office practices and consequentially digital nomadism. Brexit also resulted in an exponential increase of demand for EU resident permits.
Portugal, being a welcoming country, became a favored destination for both UK citizens and digital nomads from worldwide.

As we deal with real people and their families and connections many personal events happened along these three years: clients got married, divorced, some even pasted away, unfortunately, and also new babies were born. Life happened.
We’ll leave you here with information from where all the people that grew with us came from from in the past years.

At PRISMAAT, we pride ourselves on working with such a diverse group of clients, so who are they and where are they coming from ?

Let’s start with the continents, our clients are coming from almost all continents, the top one is Asia followed by South and North America : indeed, in the past few years, we have worked with a lot of clients from Iran, Emirates, China, and Dubaï for example.

From Canada to Brasil, so far, we have listed 39 different birth countries.

We also found through our survey, that more than thirty nationalities are represented.

Did you know that “the most important minority group in the city of Braga is the Brazilian community. However, it represents the 0,86% of the total population. Other minority groups come from: Ukraine (0,37%), Romania (0,16%), Cape Verde (0,15%) and China (0,15%).” (Council of Europe)

The most common residence country among our clients are Brasil and Iran.

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