Residence Authorization For Graduation Students

Portugal is a great destination for tourism, with all its culture and natural beauty, but it is also known for its large and renowned Universities, receiving prominence for ranking high worldwide.

This is why each day more and more students como to Portugal, from different parts of the world, with the purpose of entering one of its Universities. For 1st, 2nd or 3rd cycle, ie undergraduate, master’s and doctorate. If you are one of these people, keep reading this article as it will certainly help you.

What is necessary to enter one of these famous and well-respected Universities?

Firstly, it is necessary to choose the instution you preffer. When chosen, on the University website there will be an announcement explaining the necessary procedures and documents. It is worth mentioning that every application process for international students is done online. There is no need to be in Portuguese territory.

The necessary documents may vary from one institution to another, but basically they are diplomas, equivalence of grades, school history, motivational letters, among other documents to be required (all duly apostilled).

After accepting the application, and duly registered, it is necessary that the student has a residence permit.

Law No. 23/2007, dated June 4, article 91 et seq., establishes the possibility of residence permit per study, as well as the legal requirements for the application to be granted, in short it is necessary that the applicant checks:

  • Enrollment in an institution of higher education,
  • Payment of tuition fees, if applicable,
  • Health insurance and or PB4.

However, the competent state institution to evaluate the application for authorization, SEF (Foreigns and Borders Portuguese Office), may and will require more documents than those specified in the aforementioned law, such as:

  • SEF Form
  • Valid passport
  • Livelihood
  • Proof of accommodation conditions
  • Criminal record certificate
  • Photos 3/4 (in some cities)

Usually the authorization is granted only to applicants who have the student visa already acquired in their country of origin, but there is a legal provision to make all applications already in Portuguese territory.

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