Residence Permit Renewal

Portugal’s process for renewing residence permits has evolved. With the dissolution of SEF and the emergence of AIMA, after merging with the High Commission for Migration, plus the allocation of duties to the Institute of Registries and Notaries (IRN IP), applicants need to be aware of the new procedures. This guide provides clear instructions on how to navigate the changes, ensuring your stay in Portugal remains secure and legal.

Eligibility for Renewal

If you’re a foreign national residing in Portugal, you can renew your residence permit through IRN if it’s still valid or has expired less than six months ago. A residence permit is essential for your legal stay, whether temporary or permanent, and requires periodic renewal.

Understanding the Renewal Process

Renewing your residence permit is a systematic process that begins with scheduling an appointment. This can be done through the siga website or via the sigaApp, ensuring you select the correct service and motive for your visit.

Scheduling an Appointment

To book your renewal appointment, visit the siga website. Here’s how:
  • Choose ‘Registo’ as the entity.
  • Select ‘Citizen’ as the theme, with ‘Residence permit’ as the subtheme and ‘Renewal of residence permit’ as the motive.
  • Pick a convenient date, time, and registry office.
  • Fill in your personal details to finalize the appointment. You’ll receive an email with all the necessary information and an appointment code.

Required Documentation

When your appointment day arrives, ensure to bring the following:
  • Your current residence permit or one expired for less than six months.
  • A valid passport or equivalent travel document.
  • Evidence of financial means and accommodation.
  • Proof of tax and social security status, if applicable.
  • Authorization for criminal record access (for applicants over 16).
For more details, check the Justice Portal.

Special Circumstances

Certain applicants, such as workers, educators, researchers, and volunteers, might need to provide additional documentation. However, for investment activities or if you are a victim of human trafficking, renewing at a Registo office isn’t possible. Instead, contact AIMA directly.

Where to Renew

You can renew your permit at multiple locations across Portugal, with a total of 39 stations available between Lojas de Cidadão and IRN offices. Remember, all renewals require a prior appointment to be scheduled.

Renewal Costs

The fees for renewing your residence permit vary. For a detailed breakdown of the costs involved, refer to the 2022 Fee Table provided by AIMA.
The reorganization of immigration services in Portugal is significant, and staying informed about the latest procedures for residence permit renewal is crucial for all non-EU residents. By following the updated process, you’ll ensure that your legal status in the country is maintained without interruption.
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