The Importance of Corporate Design


“Identity is the DNA of companies” Joan Costa

The business genome is the set of genes that a company can use to differentiate itself from the competition, to be competitive and innovative, and to seek leadership within its industry.

A brand worth what it represents

It is evident the difficulty for products, brands and services to mean something to the consumers. This is one of the reasons that led companies to open up and invest in communication. One thing is the product or the service, another completely diferent is its identity and its communication. Companies are investing an increasing each year more the budget in corporate communication actions and in integrating the necessary resources to do it.


Design promotes innovation and seeks the best solutions to present the products and services.

It means that the communication presented will follow the wishes of the consumer in a surprising and creative way.


The importance of communication is a consensus for most new entrepreneurs.

A designer who can develop the concept of the brand will be able to transmit its position in the market in the way most appropriate for the public in which it is focused, creating a closer, solid and true relationship.

Graphic design

The Graphic Design is the extension of the communication, a communication will only have the necessary impact if the graphic of the same corresponds. Focused on the meanings of the elements, it tries to show the importance of communication that is being transmitted through colors, typography, image and hierarchies, that is, what must be seen first and what should be seen last.

Brand value

The logo is the first image we have of a company, if it conveys the values it wants to represent the most impact it will have in the market in which it is inserted, because the target public will feel a greater empathy. For this you need a good Designer because this will know how to “design” the brand in the best way for that specific market.

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