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Mais Transparência – Public Transparence Portal

Portugal takes another step against corruption and towards greater clarity and transparency with regard to the use and application of European funds and public money. The More Transparency portal was launched, which allows citizens to consult the information made available by the State in a more accessible way, reinforcing their relationship of trust with the Public Administration.

The Mais Transparência portal starts with an area dedicated to European funds. This thematic area will provide, immediately and in an accessible way, information about Portugal 2020 and about the Recovery and Resilience Plan, whose application was recently submitted.


The portal was designed as an evolutionary platform, which will gain new features and separators, with relevant and quality information available to citizens, ensuring its accessibility, timeliness and usability. After the first phase, three more will follow until the end of the year, which will add new segments of information, namely on the State Budget, public procurement and service in public services. The portal’s homepage provides the main indicators of interest to users, as well as the summary of available information, the portal’s evolution plan and links to other sites related to State transparency.

In the area dedicated to European Union Funds, the portal presents a general view of the theme and deals with the most relevant concepts associated with it, facilitating the understanding and use by citizens.
The first area of ​​emphasis is the Barómetro: a generic overview of the main figures on European Funds in Portugal, progressively detailing the data of the priority investment areas, carried out by region and municipalities, evolving to the detail of each project and associated beneficiaries.

The portal has a set of features associated with each of the portal’s data areas that allow for a more detailed analysis of the information, namely through the presentation of graphs, tabular views, technical files, and file exports.

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