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Vaccination in Portugal: Your Comprehensive Guide

Vaccination in Portugal: Your Comprehensive Guide

Universal and Free Vaccination in Portugal

Everyone living in Portugal has access to universal vaccination. Furthermore, this service is free for all, irrespective of registration with the National Health Service. For vaccinations, individuals can visit their nearest health center carrying their foreign vaccination card and identification documents.

What to Bring for Vaccination

When going for your vaccination, ensure to have with you:

  • The vaccination card from your home country
  • Your identification documents

Portugal’s Vaccination Schedule Detailed

In Portugal, the vaccination schedule caters to different life stages. Below we delve into the vaccines you or your child will receive at various age milestones:

At 12 Months of Age

  • The 3rd dose of Pn13 is necessary.
  • They will administer the 3rd dose of Neisseria meningitidis B vaccine (MenB 3).
  • Your child will receive a single dose of the vaccine against invasive disease caused by Neisseria meningitidis C – MenC.
  • The first dose against measles, epidemic parotitis, and rubella (VASPR) will be given.

18 Months of Age

  • Healthcare providers administer the pentavalent vaccine DTPaHibVIP.
  • Your child will get the 1st booster of DTPa (4th dose) and VIP (4th dose).
  • They will receive a single Hib booster (4th dose).

5 Years of Age

  • The child gets the 2nd booster (5th dose) of DTPa and IPV – the tetravalent vaccine DTPaVIP.
  • They will receive the 2nd dose of VASPR.

10 Years of Age

  • The healthcare facility will give a Tetanus and diphtheria (Td) vaccine booster.
  • Over a span of 6 months, the child receives two doses of the HPV9 vaccine against human papillomavirus infections of 9 genotypes.

Throughout Life

  • Individuals need boosters of tetanus and diphtheria (Td) vaccines at ages 25, 45, and 65, followed by a booster every 10 years thereafter.

To find the closest health center and to stay abreast with the most recent vaccination policies, we recommend checking the official Portugal National Health Service website.

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