Digital Nomad visa

What is the digital nomad visa

The Portuguese Digital Nomad Visa is a special type of visa, available from the 30th of October of 2022, that allows foreigners to stay legally in Portugal while working remotely, either with subordinate link (work contract) or independent link, for a natural or legal person based outside Portugal.

This visa can be granted as a Temporary Stay Visa (period of stay is under one year) or as a Residence Visa (period of stay over one year).

digital nomad visa rights

The holder of a Digital Nomad Visa can apply for a residence permit that will entitle to several rights, as any other resident in Portugal, such as:

– Education and schooling;

– The exercise of an employment activity as a contract worker;

– The exercise of a professional activity as a self-employed professional;

– Career guidance and vocational training and retraining;

– Access to the law and the courts.


It can therefore be applied for by any non-EU citizen who working remotely, either with subordinate link (work contract) or independent link.

This visa allows a non-EU citizen to enter Portugal to obtain a either a 12 month visa or residence permit based on the existence of means of subsistence.

Applicants must have the following means of subsistence for 12 months:

– First adult: 4X National Minimum Wage (760€ in 2023) = 3,040€;

– Second adult: One monthly National Minimum Wage (760€ in 2023)

– More adults: Half monthly National Minimum Wage (760€/2 in 2023=380€)

– Children under 18 and older dependent children: 1/3 monthly National Minimum Wage (760€/3 in 2023= 253.3€)

Residence Visa applicants should provide funds for a minimum of 12 months for frist and second aplicant, and the proportonal for the following ones.


The Digital Nomad Visa must be requested from the Portuguese consular representation in the applicant’s country of residence and is :

valid for 12 months in the short version;

valid for four months when there’s the intention to reside more than one year. During this four month period, the applicant may enter Portugal to apply for the respective residence permit. In the application the applicant must already present proof of rent and if possible a Portuguese bank account.

Upon arrival in Portugal with the Visa, an appointment will be made by telephone with SEF to collect biometric data (photograph and fingerprints) to issue the temporary residence permit card.

Once your temporary residence permit has been issued (for 2 years and renewable for 3 more years), you can apply for family reunification. Finally, after 5 years, you may request a permanent residence permit or even apply for nationality. To keep these residence permits you must stay in Portuguese territory at least 185 days per year.

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