Retirement in Portugal

4th Best Country for Retirees

Portugal was considered the 4th best country for retirees, only surpassed by Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama by the “2022 Annual Global Retirement Index”

From our experience, areas such as the United States and the United Kingdom continue to be the ones that most seek our country, but with growth in South America, and we are not just talking about Brazil, for linguistic and cultural reasons it is normal to be the country that most seeks Portugal, but Colombia has been a good surprise, with a significant growth in demand for this planted corner by the sea.

The demand for our country is due to financial issues, since the lifestyle is cheap for many of the countries, it is calm, there is almost no violence, the food is great, with a wide variety of options along the coast and islands, so and much more, Portugal is increasingly a country sought after by foreigners to establish themselves, not only as retirees but also as digital nomads.

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