6 Reasons to Choose Braga to Live and Work

Braga is considered the third city of Portugal. Located in the heart of Minho, one of the most populated regions of the country, Braga has around 200 thousand inhabitants and is in the center of a district that stretches from the beach to the mountains of the Gerês Natural Park.
If you are considering starting a business or living in Portugal, the most obvious will be to think about the two biggest and most famous cities: Porto and Lisbon. We suggest you think outside the box. Start with the following six reasons to opt for Braga:

Braga: 3rd Happiest City in Europe

In the Eurobarometer of quality of life in 2016 Braga was placed in third place (just behind Oslo and Zurich in first, Aalborg, Belfast and Vilnius in second) with 97% of the respondents saying that they live happily in the city.
This result is based on the satisfaction of the inhabitants with the quality of life that it offers, having been questioned about general satisfaction, satisfaction with infrastructures (public spaces, education, transport, commerce and health), employment opportunities, housing, safety, air quality , noise, cleanliness and the presence and integration of foreign citizens.

Braga is the happiest city in Portugal and the third in Europe

Braga: Two Thousand Years Old City

Braga is a city bubbling with history. Being one of the oldest cities of the peninsula is also one of the oldest from the world with two thousand years of history. Initially populated by Celtics, the city was elevated by the Roman emperor Caesar Augustus. Hence the name Bracara Augusta. At that time it was capital of the Iberian region of Galécia. With the barbarian invasions and the end of the Roman empire it was still capital of the Suevo kingdom where it acquired great religious importance. This power was important for the independence and construction of the country. Later it became an important center of the baroque and nowadays is the 3rd happiest city in Europe (as seen above)
This way, in Braga, it is possible to visit and to know historical vestiges not only of the country as of the humanity in general.

The oldest city in Portugal

Braga: Sports City

Braga was recently one of the European Cities of Sport in 2018. It was even distinguished as the best of the year ahead of city like San Remo, Pau or Maribor.
The city has equipment for practicing all kinds of sports, with swimming pools and synthetic turf fields in many parishes. The renovated sports complex of Rodovia as well as the two pedestrian cycle routes.
There are several sports clubs in different modalities that allow all citizens to choose professional careers, from the most practiced sport that is football to adapted Paralympic sport.

Braga distinguished as the best European City of Sport
Sports Complex of Rodovia
Bicycle Routes

Braga: Gastronomy City

If the Portuguese gastronomy is very rich, the gastronomy minhota, namely Bracarense, is not far behind. Typical regional dishes range from Bacalhau to Braga, the Papas de Sarrabulho or the Pica no Chão.
In the sweets chapter the offer is not left behind. The famous fidalguinhos bisciuts, the talassas, the Bolo Rei de Chila, or the one and only pudding d’Abade de Priscos.
Thankfully we have already seen that there is a lot of space available to practice sports and to cut down all the calories gaigned with this goodies.

Food and Wines from Braga
Giant Bolo Rei
Certification of Abade de Priscos Pudding

Braga: City with Nature and Parks

No need to practice sports to enjoy the outdoors. As already mentioned, the Braga district extends from the beach to the Peneda-Gerês National Park, offering many leisure alternatives in nature.
In the county there are green parks by all the parishes where the triangle Bom Jesus + Sameiro + Falperra stands out right next to the city. In addition to the surrounding green areas have the historical temples. Bom Jesus stands out with the famous stairwell and the oldest water-powered elevator in the world.

Nature, Parks and River Beaches

Braga: City of Opportunities

You may be more traditional and opt for the most common options like Lisbon or Porto. Or you can choose to be bold and choose a city full of opportunities like Braga to live and open your business.
There is a network of qualified training of human resources, in the most distinct areas, with several universities in the district. The industrial and commercial network is cemented in the practical knowledge of years of experience and the development based on top R & D. It’s by chance that the Iberian International Nanotechnology Laboratory is installed in Braga.
The possibilities of supporting the development of your business are also numerous, with associations and institutions prepared to follow up with PRISMAAT in the development of your business.

Start Up Braga
Invest Braga
Stores With Soul
University of Minho

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