Remote work in Portugal

The best country for remote work

According to momondo Portugal is the best country for remote work.

Among the factors for this choice is the fact that Portugal is a peaceful country, has fast internet coverage, most of the inhabitants in Portugal speak English, and the climate, social life and food are classified as excellent. All this is crucial for these new group of people to choose our country to live.

Another interesting factor is the time zone, being the most western country in Europe, the time difference for our European neighbors is not that much, it can reach up to +3 hours difference, for example in Moscow, and if we go to see it, it’s not even like that. both for remote work, being able to perfectly combine a normal life as if you were in the country of origin. In relation to the Americas, the east coast is the closest to us, and there may be a difference of up to -5 hours in relation to Portugal and some cities, something perfectly feasible to develop work remotely for international companies.

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