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PRISMAAT – Real Numbers From the Real World (pt1)

In a constantly changing and evolving more Global World, the individuals and families flow throughout the countries and continents happens now more than ever.

Every day in PRISMAAT we have contacts from people looking to develop a new business, searching for new life opportunities or just wanting to find a new place to relax and enjoy the retirement.

In a series of two posts we present you the real numbers from the real world regarding PRISMAAT experience in the past year of 2019. We’ll start by looking into the Leads we get every day, and then take a look into our real clients. In a second part post we’ll dive deeper into more details regarding the countries of origin of each client.


As mentioned we get several daily contacts that may turn into Leads and later into clients. By email, through the website, social networks, phone call and even in person directly in our office we get queries for all kind of situations.

Leads Requested Visa Prismaat

As represented in the graphic above you may notice the most number of queries concern entrepreneur Visa and retired or stable income Visa. Right after we have what we call unspecified and this involves several issues related to personal or company taxes, residence questions, nationality acquisition and clients that are still to decide which path they will take. Then we have the worker visa and finally Golden Visa and student Visa.

Leads Region of Origin

We have several queries from all parts of the world. The biggest part of them from America, from which a big chunk it is from Brazil. Asia (with big incidence from Iran, Pakistan and India) and the Middle east come right after (most of contacts from the UAE). The contacts from Africa are mostly residual. There are still some queries from Europe, mostly from non-Europeans visiting EU and looking to change country or acquiring nationality by family ties.


The number of queries and Leads have been increasing each month, up to the point of 60 contacts a month nowadays. The whole process is complex, so many of the leads are still in conversations to develop the best solutions for them.

In the end of the last year we had 105 accounts including a total of 220 people (each account with partners and family) from all over the world.

Accounts People

You may check on the graphic below that more than half of the present clients are entrepreneurs and have a process of residency attached with opening a company and developing business. The “company” slice of the graphic indicates the clients that did opened a company but are not with a residence process. “D2” concerns direct application to the entrepreneur Visa on the homeland. The “D1” are people working under other companies and the “D7” retired people or living of a stable income.

Clients Requested Visa Types Prismaat

Here bellow you can verify that most of the entrepreneurs, “D2” and “company” are sole partners. Nonetheless, especially with the ones that are also applying to residency, most of them have family also attached to the client account.

Clients Types Partners Prismaat

As in the leads, our clients are mostly from America, specifically from Brazil. The fact that the language is the same, eases up the process for Brazilians and makes Portugal a very interesting country to live abroad and do business. Some of the Brazilians are already living in Europe and this justifies why some many of our clients have residency in Europe. The Middle East is the following area in the world where our clients have residency and nationality.

Clients Nationality and Residence by Region Prismaat

Stay tuned for our second part about the real number from the real world where we’ll take a deeper look into where our clients are from.

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