Tech Visa: For Specialized Human Resources

The TECH VISA was announced in the last Venture Summit in Lisbon by the Portuguese prime minister António Costa. It was referred that there will be 100 million euros (50M€ from the European Investment Fund and 50M€ from IAPMEI – the Portuguese institute to help and support small companies) to help support companies within this project.

What was a project is now a reality and already ongoing since the second of January of this year. As a complement to Startup Visa, this new investment measure is also aimed to high tech innovative startups with a global market.

This Visa will be approved by two government agencies: the aforementioned IAPMEI and SEF – borders and foreign office.

The main goal of this Visa is to attract highly qualified and specialized human resources to Portugal from non-Schengen Area countries. These qualified personnel will be working in innovative tech start ups. They will also get their working residence visa granted to have access to the Schengen space in the European Union.

The Law 328/2018 of 19th of December rules that only 50% of the workers in the company may have the support of this project.

PRISMAAT may help companies hiring this specialized human resources. We may also aid the personnel find the Start Up’s hiring.



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Law 328/2018 of 19th of December


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