Prismaat Top 5% Best PME in Portugal

Top 5% Best Companies in Portugal

“PRISMAAT, S.A.” was distinguished by SCORING with the “TOP 5% BEST SMC IN PORTUGAL” Certification, 2022 edition. SCORING certifies that the company complied with the requirements for access to certification and obtained, in accordance with the ScorePME method and in the 2021 fiscal year, a Performance and Financial Soundness Index above 80%, still showing consistency in the economic and financial aspects, which is only accessible to less than 5% of national companies. which gives it, in terms of economic and financial sustainability, the aforementioned “TOP 5% / 2022” distinction.

It was with pleasure that Prismaat received the news that we belong to the Top 5% of national companies. In addition to the recognition of our customers, without whom we could never have reached this level, it is always important to see our effort and dedication highlighted institutionally by an independent third party. Being, probably, the first consultancy company for the international mobility of people, to receive this seal of quality, encourages us to work to keep it for many years and to seek to reach new levels of excellence.

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