D7 Visa – Pensionists, Retired and Stable Income

The D7 Portuguese Visa is a residence visa for foreigners living off an income: retired, pensioners or anyone with a recognized stable income. It allows the non-EU citizen to enter Portugal for the purpose of obtaining a residence permit based on the established existence of means of livelihood whose value should be transferred to Portugal.
This Visa is provided in general terms in article 58, paragraph 1, of Law n. 23/2007, of July 4, and specifically, in Article 24 (d) of Regulatory Decree No. 84/2007 of November 5.
It must be requested from the Portuguese consular representation in the country of residence of the applicant and it is valid for four months. In this period of four months the candidate will be able to enter Portugal to apply for the respective residence permit. As in other situations, this residence permit will have to be renewed after one year of his issue, then after two years and more two years. After six years in Portugal, if the applicant already knows how to speak the language, he may apply for the Portuguese nationality.

Stable Income

The applicants must have the following means of livelihood for 12 months (according to articles 2, n. 2 and 5, n.6 subparagraph (b) of Decree 1563/2007, of December 11):
– First adult: 7,200 Euros;
– Second or more adults: 3,600 Euros;
– Children under age of 18 and dependent older children: 2,160 Euros.

Jurisdiction and Timings

The consular sections service with jurisdiction in the area of the candidate residency has the power for granting the D7 visa.
The legal deadline for the decision on the visa application is 60 days, but sometimes there might be a delay, depending on the pending process of each consulate.
The consular service in charge must request an opinion from SEF (Foreigns and Borders Portuguese Service), which must issue it within 20 days (if it does not comply with the deadline of 20 days for issuing an opinion it is considered a positive one). If SEF issues a negative opinion, the applications it’s rejected binding the consulate opinion. On the other hand, if SEF issues a positive opinion, this is not binding for the consular service, depending on their evaluation to be valid or not.

Residency And Family

This visa is a residence visa valid for two entries in the country and allows the holder to remain on Portugal for a period of 4 months. The D7 visa is intended to enable the holder to obtain a residence permit for Portugal.
Like it was mentioned before, the residence permit obtained by the way of a D7 visa is valid for a year and it can be renewed for successive periods of 2 years until it is converted into a permanent residence permit after 5 years.
The holder of a residence permit obtained from the D7 visa, calculating by the period of residence, cannot remain outside Portugal for 6 consecutive months or 8 non-consecutive months.
Members of the family of the holder of the residence permit obtained via a D7 visa are also entitled to a residence permit, based on Portuguese family reunification statues.

D7 Visa Rights

The holder of a D7 Residence permit shall be entitled to several rights, as any other resident in Portugal, such as:
– Education and schooling;
– The exercise of an employment activity as a contracted worker;
– The exercise of an employment activity as an independent professional;
– Vocational guidance and professional training and retraining;
– Access to the law and the courts.


Regulatory Decree no. 84/2007, of November 5

Decree 1563/2007, of December 11


      1. I am visiting portugal on 17th Nov and will be interested in residence visa for portugal, I do speak portuguese. I am an Indian National ..kindly guide me with the procedure

    1. Buenas noches. Soy de Ecuador mi esposo proximamente retirado militar. Contamos con otros ingresos. Mi consulta es si la visa D7 aplica a Ecuador? A cuanto asciende el.nivel de ingresos para aplicar visa?

  1. I am 29 years old and married.
    I can prove I have an stable and sufficient income.
    I am not retiered but if i leave my country I can prove I still have that stable income, is it possible for me to get this kind of visa ? (d7 portugal visa residency)

    Thank you for your answer and help

      1. Hi there my mother has a stable passive income (€950) from my bank deposit in my home country and my mother and i would like to move to portugal on a D-7 visa. Are we both eligible if we are getting around €950 per month.
        Hope to hear from you soon.

          1. Im a pilot, receiving a pension fund 1500€ monthly. Im still working but planning to retire soon. Can I receive your advice to see if I can get the D7 visa

  2. Hello,

    I am eligible and meet all requirements for D7 Visa. What should I do for next step. If possible, please explain and detail more for me via my email address.


  3. Good day
    I’d like to get D7visa.I am retired and like to have that visa with my wife.Could you please send me some more information to assure me to get that visa?
    Thank you

  4. Good day
    I’m interested in the D7 Visa, but need clarification on the following before proceeding :

    – First adult: 6,960 Euros;
    – Second or more adults: 3,480 Euros;
    – Children under age of 18 and dependent older children: 2,088 Euros.

    1) Based on the above, is the 6960€ per month or per annum
    2) If I will be applying for myself initially, and once I receive my Residency, then only will I apply for family reunification statues for my husband and kids. Will they need to show income as per above?
    3) If I’m receiving my Income from rental in my home country, will this Income have to be transferred to Portugal as proof of Income? Or having sufficient funds in the Portugal account will be sufficient proof of livelihood?
    4) While waiting in Portugal for the Resident Visa for 4 months, am I allowed to leave Portugal?
    5) Will my family be allowed to visit me during this 4 month period?

    Hope to hear from you.

      1. Please reply publicly so that we can recommend your blog to others. It is hard to find information and I look in comments for answers, if you respond by emailing the poster, others will not be helped. Please respond publicly about Fakiyah’s question- this is also my question:
        1) Based on the above, is the 6960€ per month or per annum
        2) If I will be applying for myself initially, and once I receive my Residency, then only will I apply for family reunification statues for my husband and kids. Will they need to show income as per above?

        1. Hello dear Ang
          In Prisco Business Group we thrive to give the most personalized customer service possible. Thus we have to analise each specific situation and answer privately.
          Regarding your first question the value of 6960€ is per year and it is based on 12 times the miminum wage. Your second question we will give further explanation by email since there are several options (it depends on some variable like the kids age for example). But the common rule is that at least one element of the family should have the proportional anual income for each element.

    1. Hello dear Leon
      With a D7 is, for most of the times, better for a joint application, but it is also possible to do family reunification depending on some variables. We will reach you by email soon and help you in your specific situation.

  5. Am I eligible to apply for D7 Visa and get residence permit of Portugal if I have long term bank fixed deposit investment of 6 years and getting stable required income of minimum threshold of 6960 euros per year as an interest? I have mentioned 6 years so as to show proof of stable income till getting PR. Thanks!

    1. Hello dear Shiv.
      Thank you for reaching us. With this information it seems you are elegible for a D7 visa. Nontheless we’ll reach you soon by email to check if indeed everything fits.

  6. Does the D7 allow musicians to play music in clubs? We are retirees with pensions and meet all financial requirements without music income, but would like to supplement that income.

  7. hello
    i live in Dubai, UAE and i have rental income in Dubai and i am self employed here. I would like to get D7 or the type I visa of Portugal. But because of business reason, i may not be able to live continuously in Portugal.

    will it be possible to get D7 visa? will be i taxed on my world wide income if i get D7 residence permit?

  8. hi
    I am residing in the Philippines, with wife and a son of 10 years old
    operating several boutique since 2013, I am 41 years old, would like to apply for D7 visa.
    based on my retails stores, can i submit for a stable in come account that D7 visa required?
    A D7 visa holder can operate any retail business ?

    Plz adivc

  9. Hello. I am retired and receive a Social Security payment every month. I live in the United States. It appears that a D7 Visa is easier to get than the Residence Visa. Is this correct?
    My wife and I own an apartment in Portugal and we wish to move there.
    There is a lot of contradictory information on the internet.
    I would appreciate any help you can give.
    Thank you.

  10. Hello and Greeting

    First of all, thank you for all this information, it is really helpful.

    I am Moroccan and I am very interested, I would like to know if there are any other restrictions? like country based restrictions, can Moroccans apply for this visa?

    Please contact me by e-mail if possible.

    Looking forward to your reply.
    Best regards.

    1. Hello dear Najib
      There are no restrictions to any nationality as long as you meet the requirements and have a clean police clearance.
      Our account manager will reach you soon and help with your situation.
      Best regards

      1. Hello. We are interested to live in Portugal as retirees. The requirement of private health insurance is our biggest obstacle because of the high cost. I would like to learn more about all the qualifications as well as your services. We are New Zealand citizens.

  11. Dear Prisco.

    I would like to enquire on behalf of a client who is a bangladeshi national.

    Kindly adv what are the requirements for D7 visa, should my client wish to apply for one.


  12. Sou cidadão egípcio de São Cristóvão e posso frequentar Portugal sem visto, gostaria de saber se a quantia exigida é levada para a minha conta no banco Não necessito de renda de rendas Existe uma segunda despesa de seguro Qual é o custo do seu escritório para me ajudar?

    1. Hello dear Atoosa
      As long as they have a stable income they can apply for the D7 Visa. Our account manager will reach and explain further.
      Best Regards

    2. My name is Stott, I’m Nigerian and I’m resident in Nigeria . I’m 47 years old and I’m on passive income of 1,200 Euro a month . I just want to know what to do to apply for the Portugal D7 visa.

  13. Hello,

    I and my son are planning to move to Portugal, I with a pensioner Visa, and my son as a dependent. My son is 21 yo, but he is my economic dependent.

    Would we both qualify with a fixed income of 1,475 euros a month? He is then not a minor but has some disabilities. How much would you charge us to help us with the initial 4-month residence Visa and the 1-year residence permit?

    Thanks in advance,


  14. Hi, I’ve the funds for the first year however don’t have the stable income. I am Canadian citizen living in U.K. right now. What are my possibilities?

  15. I am 68 and retired, but with a stable income that exceeds the minimum requirements. I wish to invest and also to spend more time in Portugal.
    I am interested to know how to apply for a D7 visa and more about the healthcare system and options available to retired persons.
    I have two children of 16 and 20 and need also to know about schools and universities in Portugal.

    Please contact me by email.

  16. hi,I have fund for several years and income (not yearly)in my home country.Im 47 and retired.I have two children of 3 years old and 18 years old(student).Is my family eligible for D7 visa?If I residence in Portugal for more than 180 days per year,is my income in my home country taxable?thank you

    1. Hello Mr Yang
      Our account manager will reach you and look further into your specific situation to see which is the best option for you and your family.
      Best regards

  17. Thanks for sharing the D7 visa details.
    I have a question and I’d appreciate if you could answer by e-mail directly.

    On the hypothesis I get that D7 visa granted to me and my wife, and we move to Portugal based on a retirement income of, let’s say, five thousand dollars a month, how will the Portuguese fiscal authorities tax us? As I know, the American authorities will still tax me in the US, so I’m interested on knowing if there will be any tax compensation between Portugal and the US or I will have to face double taxation.

    Thanks for your great site/information.

    Carlos Silva.

    1. You can apply to tax deptt. for NHR status after arrival in Portugal. NHR entitles a foreign resident to claim exemption on incomes earned outside Portugal for 10 years.
      If taxed in Portugal after 10 years, you can seek tax exemption in either of the country if there is Double Taxation Avoidance Treaty (DTAA) between two countries.

      Better you retain a qualified accountant for these tasks.

  18. Hello sir

    I am a man 29 years old, retired from the military in sri lanka and i have a stable income of my pension salary. how can i know about more details, if can i join to

  19. Hi

    I am 35 and living a half retired life. I don’t work but I have some saving and would like to know how much of the passive income is qualified for applying the D7 process. I would like to know how would it be to start the application process, too. Looking to hearing from you

  20. Good evening
    I read your interesting detail on the D7 visa and I assume you may be able to assist me in obtaining one? I have read elsewhere that I must start -as a resident of the UK – by going to the Portuguesa Embassy in London – is that correct?

    1. I’m around 50, just retired and want to apply D7 visa. My husband is not retired. My son is 18 and studying in University in Hong Kong for at 4 years.
      If they cannot stay for long in Portugal, should we apply D7 together at the same time?
      If no, how can they get the permanent resident permit?
      Can u explain more about the family reunion…

  21. https://prismaat.com/d7-visa/
    The applicants must have the following means of livelihood for 12 months (according to articles 2, n. 2 and 5, n.6 subparagraph (b) of Decree 1563/2007, of December 11):
    – First adult: 7,200 Euros;
    – Second or more adults: 3,600 Euros;
    – Children under age of 18 and dependent older children: 2,160 Euros.

    (1) Does it include all sources of passive incomes such as rental and interest, besides a pension?
    (2) Can I deposit Euro 7,200 at a time in a bank account while applying to SEF for resident permit?
    (3) Can my wife join later? Proof of her income is less than Euro 3600 but if clubbed with my income, it fulfills criteria of total combined income of Euro 10,800 (7200+3600).
    (4) DO I need to submit NEF, Bank Account details and house rental agreement while applying for D7 visa to a Portuguese Consulate in my country of present residence? I think these three documents will be needed only while applying to SEF for resident permit. Please confirm

    Thanks for posting a nice article.

  22. Hi there, I am currently in Portugal on a Youth Mobility visa that allows me to stay until the end of April. In that time, can I apply for the residency visa under D7? Or do I need to fly home, get the D7 visa and then come back to Lisbon to apply with SEF?

  23. I am an Indian national aged 62 years and retired with the rental income of 24000 euros. I wish to apply for residency in Portugal. Please give me your fees and the time it will take to get the D7 visa and subsequent residency permit in 4 months assuming I submit all documents on time.

    With Thanks and Best Regards,

    1. Hello Mr Hamid.
      Usually, they do. As a matter of fact, is they are going for reunification they should be living here already. The main issue nowadays is the pandemic that doesn’t allow travel from everywhere.
      Best regards

  24. Dear

    Please I want more information about the D7 Visa, processing duration, your fee, mode of payment and terms, and any other information you deem vital for potential client for D7 Visa.

    1. Hello Mr McDonnell.
      Thanks for your contact. Our account manager will reach you soon to talk with and understand if it is indeed possible or not with your funds.
      Best regards

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