Obtaining a NISS in Portugal: A Guide for Expats and Workers

If you are considering working or settling in Portugal, securing a Número de Identificação da Segurança Social (NISS) is essential. This guide aims to simplify the process and provide you with all the necessary information to obtain your NISS efficiently.

What is a NISS in Portugal?

The NISS is a critical identification number for anyone working in Portugal, used for social security. Social security is not a tax but a contribution based on your income and is used for unenployment support, pensions, child support and more.  

Who Needs a NISS in Portugal?

A NISS is required for all employed or self-employed individuals in Portugal. Retirees and those not engaged in professional activities may not need a NISS.

How to Obtain a NISS in Portugal

General Requirements

To apply for a NISS, you must have a valid residence and work permit and/or have paid tax contributions for at least six months.

Step-by-Step Application Process

  1. Visit the Nearest Social Security Office (‘Segurança Social’).
  2. Fill Out the Application Form: Choose the appropriate form for your employment status. For employees, use Form RV1009/2009; for freelancers, use Form RV1000/2007. Downloadable forms available here.
  3. Submit Required Documents: Including a valid ID (passport or citizen card), Tax Identification Number (NIF), and proof of employment.

Collecting Your NISS

After submission, you will receive a formal letter with your NISS or it can be collected by a legal representative at the social security office.

Benefits of Having a NISS

Access to Public Healthcare

With a NISS, if you are paying social security,  you gain access to Portugal’s public healthcare system, which offers substantial coverage at reduced costs or for free for certain groups.

Social Security Benefits

The NISS entitles you to various social security benefits, such as pensions and unemployment benefits, which provide financial stability in various situations.

Further Assistance and Information

For further assistance or queries about working and living in Portugal, contact the experts at Prismaat. They can help streamline the process and ensure you have all the necessary information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Portugal have a Social Security Number?
Yes, it’s officially known as NISS.
What is the format of a Portuguese Social Security Number?
NISS is a unique number assigned for tracking contributions and benefits.
How can I check my Social Security status in Portugal?
Through the Social Security portal or by contacting Segurança Social directly at 210 548 888 or 300 088 888.
Who is eligible to apply for a NISS?
All working residents in Portugal, including foreign nationals with a residence permit, are eligible.

For a detailed guide on how to fill out the forms and a list of the specific documents required, visit our detailed form request page: NISS Form Request.

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