Prismaat SEF



1. Introduction

The Portuguese government has initiated significant reforms in the administrative framework surrounding immigration, asylum, and the integration of foreign nationals. Check here the preliminary changes in SEF already available

2. Key Developments:

AIMA IP Creation:

Establishment of the Agency for Integration, Migration, and Asylum (AIMA IP).

Merger and Dissolution:

The Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) and the High Commission for Migration (ACM IP) will be merged and subsequently dissolved.

Reallocation of Resources:

Staff and other resources from SEF and ACM IP will be reassigned.

Pending Cases Transition:

Ongoing procedures will be transferred to the relevant departments succeeding in their duties.

Electronic Passport System:

The Institute of Registries and Notaries (IRN IP) will be responsible for the Portuguese electronic passport information system and the personal data treatment. Furthermore, it will handle requests for equal status rights and duties. Decisions in this domain will be overseen by AIMA IP and Regional Directorates. All this information will be processed on the new Public Administration Interoperability Platform.

Family Reunification:

As per Article 98(1), approvals will be overseen by AIMA IP. However, powers can be delegated to the General Commander of the GNR and the National Director of the PSP as mentioned in Articles 65(1) and 68.

Visa Cancellation:

The MAI can also delegate the cancellation of visas to the General Commander of the GNR and the National Director of the PSP.

AIMA IP Responsibilities:

AIMA IP will oversee decisions, instructions, and notifications.

Student Visa & Professional Activity:

As per Article 97, before starting their mobility period, students need to communicate 30 days in advance and for a maximum period of 360 days as mentioned in DL 41/2023, Article 91-A.

Residency Authorization Renewals:

Renewal requests, as indicated in Article 81-A of DL 41/2023, are to be presented to IRN IP and granted by AIMA IP. In Madeira, the competent regional services will be responsible.

Open Data Portal:

A new portal, WWW.DADOS.GOV.PT, has been created for the public to access documents, information, and content.

UCFE Creation:

A new Border and Foreign Nationals Coordination Unit (UCFE) will be established. It will be responsible for coordinating security forces and services like IRN, AIMA, PSP, GNR, and PJ within the SIS framework.

D/L 41/2023:

This decree-law serves as a transitional rule. By October 29, 2023, all necessary procedures to ensure AIMA IP’s establishment will be completed, and it will become effective on the same day.

AIMA IP Organizational Structure:

  • Board of Directors (Article 5)
  • Sole Auditor (Article 6)
  • Council for Migration and Asylum (Article 7)

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